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A Professor’s View of Me
A Professor’s View of Me

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My references will confirm my unique contribution to Brown University. As one of the few Buddhist women on campus, I will be a recognizable presence to everyone I meet. I will be remembered for my ability to thrive in a diverse, cosmopolitan environment. During my high school years, I lived and worked in a wonderfully refrreshing California community. I learned that everyone has unique talents and must take risks to discover and cultivate them. My years at Brown will be dedicated to aggressively exploring my talents in art and music. Peers will be inspired by my committment to pursuing my dreams, even if it means others witness my failures.

From my professors’ standpoint, my metamorphosis will begin during my first college art class. Here, I confim my love for painting and sculpture, spending many productive hours in the studio. After my freshman year, I will begin to show my work at the Westminster Art Show on campus, selling an occasional piece and receiving positive feedback from critics. In my senior year, I will begin to work part-time as a teaching assistant in the art studio, mixing paints, preparing the kiln and helping students. When I watch beginners struggle with basic concepts, I will realize how far my talent and skills had evolved over my four years of study.

My artistic success will inspire me to pursue other leadership positions. I will start a Buddhist Awareness Council on campus and become the group’s first president. I will dedicate several hours a week to promoting awareness for Eastern religions on campus, meeting new friends and expanding my own religious perspective. I will learn to develop better time management skills to juggle my multiple interests. I will master the huge challenge of maintaining academic success, contributing to the school community and pursuing personal friendships. During a visit to India, I will renew my interest in transcendental meditation (TM), which increases my concentration and improves my sense of optimism. When I return home, I will used TM principles to maintain a comprehensive schedule that balances my extracurricular activities and my classwork.

Collegiate success will have a miraculous effect upon my self-esteem and my willingness to take further risks. My references will cite my metamorphosis into a multi-dimensional person who can balance diverse interests. They will praise my artistic endeavors and my proclivity for teaching, along with my strong spiritual nature. I will graduate from college a strong, independent woman who pursues her ambitions with honor. By taking risks and facing my fears, I will transform my former mesh of seemingly-unattainable dreams into a wonderful reality. With courage and will power, I will continue to attack new challenges and enjoy a lifetime of opportunities for personal exploration.

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