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A Step Closer to Independence
A Step Closer to Independence

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Rebellion, violence, and anger, those are what led to the start of the chaotic American Revolution. The British were putting a tax on everything, Americans were practically like puppets, and all these things were causing Americans to become rebellious and protest against it. At first there were just a few complaints, then groups started forming to argue and take action, soon there were a few fights, and finally came the bloodshed of deadly American Revolution. Three of the main reason that led to this horrible event that took place in 1776 is taxation without representation, the Stamp Act, and the Quartering Act.
One of the problems that led to the American Revolution was taxation without representation. Parliament had taxed people who had no say in the election of its members. An example of taxation without representation is the Sugar Act of 1764. The Sugar Act put a tax on sugar, coffee, and a number of other products the colonists imported were to be taxed upon entry into any colonial port. This act angered the colonists because they didn’t want to pay new taxes, although it was used to protect the colonies and maintaining the empire. The Sugar Act led to taxation without representation, where people believed that they should only be taxed by the legislative bodies that they had themselves elected.
Another problem that caused the American Revolution to take place was the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was a law passed in March 1765 that taxed all printed matter in the colony. It taxed things such as deeds to land, marriage licenses, advertisements, newspapers, diplomas, customs documents, even packets of playing cards. Before any of these types of items could be sold, actual stamps or special stamped paper had to be purchased and attached to it. When the law became known in America, nearly all the colonists spoke out in opposition. Soon, there was a group called the Sons of Liberty that was formed. They decided that instead of just disagreeing and arguing about the Stamp Act, they should actually take action and do something about it. They broke into Stamp Master Andrew Oliver’s house, and also refused to buy anything English until the law was repealed. They also boycotted British goods. At the end, Parliament decided to repeal the law because of all the commotion that was going on.
Finally, the last problem that also led to the American Revolution was the Quartering Act. This law forced Americans to take care of English soldiers. Colonists under British law had to provide food, lodging, beds, shelter, etc. for the English soldiers. The colonists were very unhappy about the Quartering Act. Some colonists had to give up their own comfort, such as their beds and rooms, just to take care of the English soldiers and to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible. A few colonists were poorer and had a smaller house had to practically give up their homes, since it was too small to shelter themselves and the soldiers.
In conclusion, I think that the 3 major events that lead to the American Revolution were taxation without representation, the Stamp Act, and the Quartering Act. All of those laws and events disappointed the colonists and made them rebellious. Soon, the American colonists could not stand being under British law, and instead decided that they should be able to do what they want for themselves. Finally, when almost all of the Americans started strongly feeling that way, it led to the beginning of the American Revolution.

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