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There has never been an issue which caused more disputes and conflicts within our country, than abortion. We can all agree that abortion is an incredibly complex issue. The opinion of the American people is also a lot more complex than “pro life” or “pro choice”. According to one poll that was conducted by a Christian organization, seventy-five percent of Americans believe in “pro life” theory. According to another poll, which was conducted by a state medical board, concluded that the majority of Americans believe in a “pro choice” ideology. Who do we believe? There seems to be an obvious difference in the definition of the terms. I suppose it is possible to create unanimous definition of both terms, which will be approved by both sides, but until then our country will continue to fight a never-ending battle. I also believe that we would not have to fight over this issue if everybody fully understood the indisputable consequences, which would be caused by a ban on abortion.
Abortion right is the most controversial issue among women. I find it disturbing that some women advocate a ban without considering the consequences. By advocating a ban on abortion women deprive themselves of some of the fundamental rights of our political system. The freedom to make individual choices and decisions should be protected at all times. If people understood this principle, we probably would not be in the situation that we are in today. Most Americans would not want the government to interfere in their personal lives but a “pro life” decision will do just that.
Banning abortion will not solve this issue because we will be left with undeniable negatives, which will make the problem even worse than it is now. There will always be a controversy about abortion for as long as it exists. Even if we ban abortion, we will be left with such undeniable negatives as rape, economic inequality and illegal abortions. Today there are hundreds of thousands of children in foster homes partly because abortion was not available to their parents. According to one government study, unwanted number of children will more than triple thus flooding foster homes all over the country. Rich women will have an opportunity to obtain abortion in foreign countries that do not consider it to be a crime, while the poor will be left with a baby, which may not be loved or appreciated. Every time you have a law, someone will most likely brake it. Abortions will not be eliminated but only moved back to the shadows. Unqualified doctors will perform the procedure that will possibly leave women dead or sick for the rest of their lives.
Abortion should be considered a family issue and by no means should the government try to interfere. Women today are free, and should not be bound by social restrictions. A “pro life” or a “pro choice” belief should not be the deciding factor in this argument. Because of the various definitions by various groups, we cannot agree on a path for the future. When examining this issue, we should not be concerned with the definition but we have to look at the pros and cons of the topic. The reality is that a ban on abortion will cause all of the above problems; furthermore leaving the situation even worse than it is now. By eliminating abortions we are risking chaos in American families and the deprivation of the rights of American women.

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