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In reading the article on Scripture as Sacramental Word written by Burgess what he had to say really opened my eyes because I was confronted by new thoughts and information that I really wasn’t aware of before. I will discus some of these things that I have found in this article that I thought were interesting.

One point that Burgess’s

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Adam Smith

When Adam Smith wrote his famous 1776 treatise, he called it An Inquiry into Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Some have taken this as indicating that he was concerned primarily with economic growth. In this way, Smith moved away from the Cantillon-Physiocratic system which concentrated on “natural equil

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H.G. Wells simplified by T.S. Gregory.

Title of the book

The invisible man.



Main characters

Mr. Griffin: He was the stranger who became an invisible man by an experiment. He was a

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“Freak Accident,” a novel, by Nick and Don Jacobs meticulously defines kismet as being only a “freak accident” that life throws at every animal or human being unexpectedly. As a Freshman College student, an individual might somehow try to prepare for the irrefutable ob

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The primary cause of the demand for slaves in the new world was the fatal diseases that European colonizers brought with them when they arrived to Native America. The Indians in America never encountered the types of the diseases that European invaders carried because they were divergent territories and Europe’s ecology and environment was di

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Teleological ethical theories vs. Deontological ethical theories

By: Jesse Coleman

There are two theories that have generally been used to analyze ethical questions. They are teleological ethics and deontological ethics.

There are similarities and differences between the two that I will explain in more

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The domination of women through patriarchal expectations is common throughout Shakespeare?s works. An examination of Ophelia, Hero, and Desdemona portrays their victimization through male centered forms of power. These patriarchal power structures classify women as walking wombs who must remain virtuous until marriage. The pressure from these expec

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The friendship Lennie and George had in Of Mice and Men is incomparable to most friendships today. They were two very different people brought together by fate. Through all the hardships that they’ve been through, they still managed to pull through it all, that is, until it came to the

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Comeback Cities: A Blueprint for Urban Neighborhood Revival

By Paul S. Grogan and Tony Proscio

Chapter 1: The South Bronx, From the Bottom Up

The tale of the South Bronx is one that many people do not understand. This is a city that made a remarkable turnaround without getting rid of or enriching

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When we think of the European age of exploration, we remember names like Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo. They were some of the first people to set out and explore the world. They took all risks in the face of danger, and a lot of times when the odds were all set against them. We can recall everything we have learned about the beginning of the

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Many people believe that living in America is a right, whether or not they are legal citizens. There have been many misconceptions about immigration, both legal and illegal. Some argue that almost everyone should be legalized because America has so much room and such a large workforce. Illegal immigrants are entering our country every day in masse

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“Tiger Woods”

Eldrick T. Woods was born on December 30, 1975 in Cypress, California. Tiger Woods received the nickname “Tiger” by gaining it from a man who saved his father’s life in the South- Vietnamese War. Tiger Woods is one of today’s greatest professional golfers. In this report I will explain to you everything you ne

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When I was fairly young boy of about ten, I ran across a book titled Red Hawk. I immediately became engrossed into the tale and spent all of my free time devouring the words page by page. The story was a combination of fact and fiction. It followed the life of a young Indian boy named Red hawk from age ten to his tragic death in the Battle of th

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An Article from the Colorado Daily published By Alex Lubin, (A professor at CU Boulder on February 15th 2001).

U.S. guns and helicopters pose a serious threat to Mideast peace

Published February 15th 2001


The recent election of Ariel Sharon as prime minister of Israel rep

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The breathtaking ease with which Julia Roberts has captivated Hollywood and legions of fans is a throwback to that Golden Age of Clark and Vivien Leigh a time when movie stars had that unmistakable star quality that could light up the screen with a larger-than-life glamour. Ever since the release of only her third major film, Pretty Woman the block

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Regression Analysis

Looking at the answer from the multiple regression assignment and the handout from class I found out that they do not match. When I was looking at the handout from class, I found out that there were, only 12 observations in the regression assignment there were 24 observations. At the end of the assignment,

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In life there are many things we need and don’t need, if we had any of these privileges taken away we would probably be really upset. The Jews that were in the Concentration camps in the World War 2 Era must have been really upset. They had lost every thing in a lot of cases they lost there liv

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This Sonnet is very interesting. It is a very confusing poem, as well. Shakespeare uses many poetic devices, such as alliteration, symbolism, metaphors, and many more. At first it seems that Shakespeare is talking about a beautiful girl. Look deeper and think deeper. He is actually talking about leaves, trees, or nature. Shakespeare is showing h

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Al Capone

Al Capone is one of the most famous gangsters in the world. Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1989, he was the fourth child out of nine children born to his parents who emigrated from Naples, Italy. Capone’s trouble started in the sixth g

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