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Terms of Agreement

These terms and conditions apply to the essays owned by Essay Swap and made available on this website and on the sites owned by the PapersWeb network. Please be advised that this website and the essays donated on behalf of persons to gain access to the Essay Swap database relinquish the rights of the papers that are donated. In using the papers on this website and any website owned by the PapersWeb network, you agree to be bound by the terms stated below:

You agree that you are minimally (at least) 13 years of age and are able to make sound decisions regarding the terms sited in these Terms of Agreement.

You agree that the essays provided by Essay Swap are supplied as reference samples and are not to be used in whole or in part to represent your original work without reference to EssaySwap.com. The samples are intended for research and educational purposes only and any other use of the materials (copying, plagiarism, reproduction) release the responsiblity of Essay Swap, its owners and affiliates.

You affirm that to the best of your knowledge, the use of Essay Swap and its contents is legal in your institution, state, country or other governing entity.

You agree that Essay Swap is not responsible for any lawsuit, claim or suit that may stem from the use of the materials contained on the Essay Swap site if you have failed to follow the Terms of Agreement as listed.

As listed in the rules during signup, you agree to release all copyrights and ownership of the essay(s) submitted in order to gain acess to the Essay Swap website. You also agree that the essay submitted is owned in full by you the submitter. In addition, the essay submitted becomes the property of Essay Swap and the PapersWeb network to be used as the PapersWeb network sees fit.

You acknowledge that the content contained within the essays on EssaySwap are protected by copyright and may not be presented as such. We do not allow the use, transfer or selling of essays obtained from this website.